Who Are The Top Heisman Candidates for 2012?

Johnny Manziel, also known as Johnny Football, is the top Heisman Trophy candidate for 2012. The amazing youngster can do it all, as he can beat teams with deep passes as well as with his legs on running plays. Texas A&M is glad to have such a talented player that also is so young on their roster. Manziel looks like an even better version of former Auburn quarterback Cam Newton, and that’s a scary prospect for

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Can Michigan State Ever Make It To The Rose Bowl?

Michigan State has been in a Rose Bowl drought; their last appearance was in 1988. However, there are reasons for optimism among Spartan fans. Here are some of the reasons why Michigan State fans should expect an eventual return to the Rose Bowl.

Michigan State has a strong football history. Competing in the historically difficult Big 10, Michigan State has long been a thorn in the side of their rivals. While all teams have equal opportunities to make it

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How Urban Meyer’s Tactics Are Shaking Up The Big 10

The Big 10 conference has been filled with very traditional football team for many years. Almost every team in the conference plays with a tradition pro-style offense, but this all changed when Ohio State hired Urban Meyer as their head coach.

Urban Meyer’s offensive schemes are as far from traditional as you can get. Meyer loves the spread offense and trick plays that have become more popular in college football outside of the Big 10 conference. These tactics have always proved to be successful in

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Some Truly Fantastic College Football Trivia

College football isn’t all about the sports. Sometimes it’s about the facts, which is why we’ve decided to list off some college football trivia you might not have known about. Even the college football channels you can get through www.directtelevisionpackages.com probably aren’t going to have anything like this, so don’t worry. We have you covered.

With a realm and a field as large as college football, it’s pretty impossible for one or two remarkable things not to occur.

Like for example:

Did you know that the very first game of college football was played on November 6, 1869? It was a fight between Rutgers University and Princeton University and it was quite different form the college football you and I know today. There were no forward passes for one and teams included up to 25 players.

The longest losing streak in college football history still belongs to the Prairie View College with a whopping 80-game streak.

If that weren’t enough, how about the worst defeat? The honor of this title still belongs to Cumberland University who suffered a humiliating defeat. The score was actually 222 – 0. No joke.

That should be enough to keep it interesting at parties, and remember that there’s an entire world of college football trivia out there just waiting to be explored.

Is Nick Saban The Best Coach In College Football?

College Football has produced legendary coaches on the gridiron, such notables as Bear Bryant, Woody Hayes, Bo Schembechler and Bobby Bowden. If there were any current crop of coaches who are next in line, Nick Saban’s name would be on the top of that list. Originally from West Virginia, Saban has had a long pedigree of turning around football programs. Starting with his lone year of coaching Toledo in 1980, Saban has had four programs under his wing including a lackluster two-year stint coaching the NFL Miami Dolphins in 2005-2006.


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Who Are The Top 10 Best Football Schools In The Country

There are always debates on who the top 10 football schools in the nation are, because there are elements of schedule strength and consistency to worry about. However, there are schools that are pretty consistent in reaching noteworthy bowl games at the end of the season.

Some of the top teams from the last few seasons seemed to have originated primarily in one conference, the SEC. Alabama and LSU are both within this top ten, and competed against one another from the same division of the same conference for the

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Will The ACC Ever Have A Team Compete For A National Championship In Football?

The ACC is one of the more dominate conferences in college basketball and it has been that way for a long time. Will the ACC ever win a National Championship in College Football? Many people have wondered this and today we will take a closer look into it.

College Basketball has been king in the ACC for the longest time and that will not change anytime soon. When high school kids look at college choices they tend to see the ACC conference as mostly basketball schools. This means football players tend to overlook them as a possible destination and

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Will Ohio State Compete For A National Championship Next Year?

Ohio State football is a perennial winner, consistently near the top of the BCS standings it hopes to compete for a national championship every year. It is said that Ohio State doesn’t so much rebuild as much as it reloads. However, the aftermath of the 2010 scandal involving former Quarterback Terrell Pryor among others, continues to negatively effect Ohio State’s chances to compete for a title.
Ohio State’s hopes for a championship rest on its biggest strength, its defense. With every player from the defensive backfield returning,

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Will Alabama Repeat As National Champions In 2012?

The Alabama Crimson Tide had an incredible football team in 2011, winning the national championship. They have a strong shot to do it this year, as a lot of their top talent will be returning for the 2012 season. But they do have a tough task ahead of them.

The SEC has become a powerhouse conference, as many teams are in the running for the top seeds year in and year out. Not only that, but as the

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